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A real gardener and plantsman…

I have worked with plants since 2001. It all started with my first full time job working in retail running a garden department for a well known high street home and garden retailer. I found myself rescuing the plants which had to be reduced or thrown away and discovered that I had an interest in horticulture. Having realised this was an area I’d like to learn more about, I then moved on to work at a well established nursery and garden centre where I was able to expand my knowledge of plants. Try yourself at big red pokies. I also started my own garden maintenance business in 2006 which gave me the opportunity to get real, ‘hands on’ experience in the garden; working with people and an array of different outdoor spaces. As my experience and plant knowledge increased, I took an interest in the planting design aspect of the job and through developing gardens with my regular clients, was able to move predominantly into Garden Design, where I found my real passion. I set out to try to appeal to others like me who have a passion for plants and want the ‘green’ to be the emphasis in their own green spaces.

I refer to my business as ‘plant-driven’ which is not to say we don’t deal with any other aspects of garden design; just that for us, the planting is important. With modern life, many people are after low maintenance gardens which has gradually led to outdoor spaces generally incorporating fewer and fewer plants. I want to help people realise that it doesn’t have to be that way. With careful planning, it is entirely possible to create a lush, vibrant planting scheme which will require little more long term care than a chop back once a year. We believe that helping to bring planting back to the fore of garden design for the modern busy home owner is important for all sorts of reasons. Through planting, we can make gardens better habitats for wildlife and improve air quality; benefiting the environment and ultimately benefiting us and the planet.

“Plants Make Happiness, that’s a scientific fact,” are the words at the top of our homepage. This refers to research which shows that even just seeing plants causes our brains to release the chemicals and hormones which make us feel more relaxed, less stressed and happier, directly contributing to our overall health and well-being. Using this ethos, along with my extensive knowledge of planting and design, I work closely with clients to produce a garden that will bring them an outdoor space that will surround them with happiness for years to come.

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