Garden Design 

From a patio pot display to a whole new garden…

Where the Green Stuff matters. 

We believe the benefits of plants in our gardens are many. They are good for our environment, good for wildlife and good for us.

We seek to create green spaces rich in planting to help spread these benefits and create beautiful spaces for our clients.

Garden designs can range from a simple planting plan (see Planting Plans page) to a full set of drawings.

To start with, we have a free hour long* consultation, where we discuss what you are looking for and how to make it possible. If drawings are required, I will make sketches and take some measurements. If you decide to go ahead with the design process, work can now begin. I will produce initial layout sketches and you will be sent a copy; from here you can give any feedback or have a scribble if there are any more ideas you would like to add. We will then continue to work toward a final design together to ensure that your needs and my vision come together. Once the first draft is agreed, work can start on the final drawings; these will be hand drawn and annotated (I prefer to draw by hand rather than use a computer programme). I can also include an illustrated detailed plants list and ‘artists impression’ of how the garden will look in time, if required.

On completion of the design, the implementation through planting and soft landscaping work can be carried out by myself, if required. I do not carry out hard landscaping but can oversee this stage – see Soft Landscaping & Planting page for details.

Garden Designs are charged at £75.00 per hour worked from the end of your free consultation to the time the finished drawings are produced.

Use the CONTACT US link at the top of the page to arrange your free consultation and take the first step towards your perfect green space.

*Free for up to one hour, further time, if required, is added to cost of design

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