Planting Plans

Planning for a herbaceous border, feature tree or pot display…

Planting plans are a worthwhile step in the design of a garden. Use of a well planned planting scheme will add year round interest to your garden and ensure that it remains a lasting and established feature of your home or business. I often see examples of planting by landscapers with little or no plant knowledge; large shrubs in front of windows, trees which will outgrow their surroundings and uninteresting borders with DIY shop plant selections.

Using expertise in horticulture and a ‘right plant, right place’ approach I can create perfectly suited and interesting planting schemes. So, whether you are just looking to revamp an existing border, put together an interesting patio pot display, recreate a ‘look’ that you have seen but don’t know how to achieve, or start a garden from scratch, a planting plan can be put together to meet your requirements.

Planting plans can be produced in various formats, depending on your requirements; a simple list of suitable plants for a particular location, an illustrated list with plant names and descriptions or an illustrated list with plant names descriptions and full drawings included.

Planting plans are priced at £75 per hour worked.

Planting can also be carried out if required – see Soft Landscaping & Planting page for details.

Follow up visits can be arranged to keep everything ticking along nicely – see Gardening page for more information.

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