Soft Landscaping & Planting

If you are starting a garden from scratch, then soft landscaping comes in just after the hard landscaping is completed (paved areas, pathways, walls, fences etc.) Landscaping companies will often provide soft landscaping and hard landscaping as one but there are benefits if you separate the two… 

My soft landscaping services include:

  • Rotavation
  • Sculpting beds, borders and lawn areas
  • Installing water features
  • Soil improvement
  • Planting of hedges, beds, borders, trees, shrubs, pots, baskets and seasonal bedding.

Soft landscaping is charged at my usual rate of £40.00 per hour for local areas; please contact me for prices for other areas.

I do not carry out hard landscaping such as paving, fencing or walls but am happy to oversee these aspects, if required, as part of my garden design service. Site visits for this are charged at £75.00 per hour, including travel.

So why separate ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ landscaping?

Many landscaping companies do an excellent job of hard landscaping such as laying patios and erecting fencing but can leave a garden rather lacking when it comes to the soft landscaping, the green stuff, because they may not have the same horticultural or plant knowledge as a plants specialist.

I have unfortunately seen examples of this in some of the gardens I have been asked to re-design where the client has been left with trees in bad places, shrubs which were planted too close together and have become a tangled mess, borders dug out of the sub soil which contain leftover hard landscaping rubble and generally badly laid out planting. Separating the soft landscaping avoids making any of these costly mistakes.

There can sometimes be a cost saving to be had too. Hard landscaping costs money; it is hard, heavy work and the prices charged reflect this. I charge my normal hourly rate of thirty pounds for soft landscaping which can work out cheaper than having it included in the overall price with the hard landscaping contractor.

Separating the soft and hard landscaping means the hard landscapers do what they do best, I do what I do best and you get a better result.

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